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About Us


The Catholic Advance Movement is the lay movement of Pro Ecclesia Sancta. It is the primary means through which P.E.S. carries out its ministry and mission. It is the “apple of its eye,” the object of its special care. As our General Superior puts it, “Pro Ecclesia Sancta and the Catholic Advance Movement are twin souls; they came to be for the same purpose, they have the same outlook, and they share the same principles and foundations.” Where one is present, so is the other, like a mother and her child. Therefore, when we refer to the Catholic Advance, we are implicitly talking about Pro Ecclesia Sancta, from whom it has inherited everything and to whom it is indissolubly related.


To live and promote the vocation to holiness and perfection, loving Jesus Christ with resolve and passion.


To be a Spiritual Family and Militia, that contributes to the permanent renewal, strengthening, and expansion of the Church, so that Christ may reign, so that His Heart may reign, ad Maximam Trinitatis Gloriam.

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